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Miracle Destiny School

img 2052Miracle Destiny School is a Christian school founded in May 2008. Our mission is to guide children into their destiny with Godly wisdom. We are committed to quality in every sphere of the school; to this end we employ qualified and able staff. To us every child matters, so we endeavor to see that each child receives the attention they deserve so we have limited numbers in our classes so that every child can have the teacher’s attention. We strive to make MDS a clean and friendly school, children have access to clean water to wash up before and after meals, or whenever they need to wash their faces; the school facility is cleaned daily; students are availed toilet tissue; students have access to all members of staff in a respectful manner.

Students at MDS are given the opportunity to become what God intended them to be. We extend our help to orphaned and needy children without putting tags on them. They attend school with fee paying students without knowing who pays and who doesn’t. This is done in a bid to boost the esteem of all our students and to prevent partiality amongst the students. Each child has the knowledge of what is required of them, that is hard work and discipline, the rest doesn’t differentiate them, that is, what they have or have not.

Our school fees are subsidized at 50% so as to be affordable to parents in this community. We have parents who cannot afford this  subsidized amount. So sponsors are sought for such students. A large majority of our students come from families that are poor, mostly single parent families. In these families, the parents mostly do casual work for which they are paid, utmost $ 2 per day worked, under these circumstances a meal can be hard to come by.  As a means of ensuring school attendance, we provide 2 meals and a piece of fruit every school day and in conjunction with the local health centre we provide Vitamin A capsules and de-worming tablets.

Providing school prepared meals guarantees quality, and eliminates any feelings of inferiority for students who may not afford to carry any food from home, or who may carry food considered inferior. For $99 a day, we provide meals for 295 children.

Our school activities are geared towards making our students confident. So we have sports events and concerts at which each child is given an opportunity to get involved. We do emphasize exposure within our own country and environment through the tours we organize in the past to the different areas. Regular international visitors, teachers , trainers and volunteers; have given our students such a  great measure of international experience, this has been very noticeable on top of the other opportunities that our students have to exchange letters with other students overseas..

Pastor Robert says, “It started as a vision God put on my heart.”

Way back in 2005 we had our first Christmas party for the Children, over 500 children from the community turned up, after which some of the children said to us that nobody had ever celebrated Christmas with them in that kind of way. From that event Pr Robert’s heart went out to those children and he began to believe God that as a Church, we were going to be begin a Christian school in the community of Kawempe, and that way would teach them the values of God, the Bible says train up the child the way he should go so that when he is grown he will not depart from it Proverbs 22:6. He had a budget prepared for the running of a school for a year, trusting God to provide.

In 2007 God miraculously led Pr Robert together with his wife to United Kingdom to attend a training course in Christian Education. They visited many Schools and Churches and returned with plenty of material, still trusting God to provide.

In December 2007, God miraculously sent us Brother Ian from United Kingdom he didn’t know why he was coming, and through a series of divine events, which only God could do, he got an amazing dream about educating needy children which was in line with Pr Robert’s dream, given to him by God earlier. Upon Ian’s return to the UK, he mobilized the church together with his family and they where able to provide the finances that started and run the school for a full year.

God miraculously provided using ordinary people. We do give Jesus all the glory for he has been gracious to us.

In May 2008 the doors of Miracle Destiny School where opened by the Grace of God.

On the first day the school had 16 children, today the number has grown to 300 children. We started out with 4 classes and have been growing one year at a time, now we are at 10 classes. Some of the children orphans, and the school policy is we don’t declare they are orphans, in order to prevent any stigmatizing from the school community. We have wonderful teachers who teach using the Bible as the Centre. By the grace of God, the teachers and all staff members do a great job, as a result this school appeals to all parents, we have been unable to admit all children who seek admission, we therefore have many children on our waiting list.

Our motto:
Wisdom from Heaven (James 3:17)

The vision is big, and we believe that God being our partner it will come to pass. We believe in the words “If God be your partner, make no small plans.

In 2014, our eldest students are sat the national primary leaving examination. These together with other kids in the community joined Miracle Destiny High School in February 2015 . They are our pioneer class!

We are so grateful to God who helped us to slowly  buy land to construct the high school. We currently have contructed the administration building and 3 other blocks. There take care of classes and dormitories for the boarding students.. We look forward to grow one year at a time in the high school.

By 2022, we look forward to opening Miracle Destiny University.

Our school vision is “To seek the kingdom of God in Education” We believe that as we seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness all the things we need for our school will be given to us as well.(Mathew 6:33)

A charity was been incorporated in the UK, The Miracle Destiny School Trust.

Within the USA area also the MDS Child Sponsorship Program was been established under Grace Ministries.

God who began the good work is us will also perform it to the very end. (Phil 1:6) Our eyes are fixed on him the author and finisher of our faith.(Heb12 :2) For this vision will truly come to pass at the appointed time. (Hab 2:3)

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