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Team Leader

Pastor Robert Nabulere



I am excited to be serving as the Team Leader here at Miracle Centre Kawempe-Kampala, Uganda.

Miracle Centre Kawempe has been in existence since August 2005.

My background is rural; I come from a poor polygamous family, in rural Eastern Uganda. I used to walk barefoot to and from school, which was 3 miles away. I began my day very early every morning by digging in the family garden before heading to school. My father died when I had 3 years to finish high school. l then  I had to work my way through school, doing farming, brick laying and making charcoal. A childcare organization offered to pay half my fees, which helped me a lot, so I had to work to top-up my fees and buy all school necessities.

With my circumstances, it wasn’t easy to get admission into the only university, back then, whose admission was 2000 out of almost 20,000 students who sat their A-levels. When I made it to the university, I thought I had hit the high mark, but then I soon realized that I was dissatisfied.

In the year 1992, as a first year university student at Makerere University, I became a Christian. I however, needed an encounter with God, as my Christianity was somewhat dreary. There was coming to the campus a preacher, so I said to God that I was giving Him one more chance, in this meeting to touch my life, otherwise I would forget about the whole salvation idea. At this meeting I had a life changing encounter with God. From that moment, I realized that I wanted to live my life serving God. At that time I was involved in a major revival which swept through the University. Together with other university students, we held missions in many districts of Uganda, preaching the God News of Christ. When I graduated with my BSC in Economics and Statistics, my heart was made up, not for the job market but for full-time service to God. In 1995, I started serving at Miracle Centre Cathedral, doing any available thing. My first assignment was cleaning and painting church latrines.

For 10 years, I served at Miracle Centre Cathedral as a pastor on staff, in different capacities. One of my assignments there was working as the founding Project Director of the NEVER AGAIN, which is involved with former street boys.

By 2005, my heart had been stirred up, in a different direction, I didn’t know what, but I knew that God was leading me elsewhere. Through the guidance of my spiritual father, it became clear that God wanted me to plant a church.

We had no money; no assurance of funds, no chairs, no sound equipment ,except that God had spoken to us to move to Kawempe, a densely populated slum area, which was mostly known for its frequent flooding owing to poor drainage.

So I went and talked to my spiritual father, Pastor Robert Kayanja of Miracle Centre Cathedral, who blessed me and released me. So for a week, beginning 14th August 2005 we held a gospel crusade. Pastor Kayanja preached for us on the first night and on the 21st August 2005 we had our first Sunday service. We started out in a muddy, partially roofed car park. God provided miraculously, we got brand new chairs and sound equipment.

Today, by the grace of God, we are witnesses to changed lives! We have 5 weekly services, we hold leaders conferences, we hold youth conferences, we hold free community medical outreaches, we have a nursery/ primary school; girls and women’s’ ministry, a radio ministry, schools ministry, children’s ministry and an outreach to police and inmates. We are living and fulfilling our mission of reaching our world with God’s love in action.

I’m so grateful that you took your valued time to read my story and indeed to visit our website.
Thank you!

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