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MCK is a place that welcomes partnerships and collaboration for the furtherance of the Kingdom of God here on earth. You can get involved in any of these ways:

Visit MCK:
MCK is keen to have visiting individuals and teams to be involved in different areas of ministry.

Ministry Teams:

MCK doors are open to other ministries, which seek to do ministry in Uganda desiring to preach the word of God in churches, schools, hospitals and prisons.

Medical Teams:

MCK welcomes medical teams to carry out medical work here in Kawempe, Luwero, Iganga and the rural villages of Uganda.

School Teams:

MCK welcomes teams of teachers or individual teachers who can spend some time at the Miracle Destiny School, Miracle Destiny High School doing lessons and outdoor activities.

Pastors and leaders conferences:

You are invited to attend our powerful leaders’ conferences or you could be resourceful by bringing/sending materials that leaders can use in their day –to-day living.

Community poverty reduction programs:

As seen in the statistics of Uganda, and specifically Kawempe, a majority of the populace live in abject poverty. You can get involved in a poverty reduction program, like educating and sensitizing people about health issues including primary healthcare and garbage disposal; setting up a health facility, not as a profit venture but as venture that just meets its costs. Many times the people will not work because they are sick and can’t afford Medicare, so they won’t earn that day, since they are casual workers.

To reduce poverty, we must be able to keep children in school. Some children drop out owing to lack of basics like stationary and uniform. You can get involved by providing for children these basic necessities.

TV Ministry:

It costs us $40 per week to be on TV for 30 minutes, in Kawempe. You can sponsor a program MCK to be on air, sharing God’s love.

Or if you have the ability, you could help us set a a TV station here in Uganda, to be used to disseminate the word of God as well as other issues like health issues, wisdom to help with life change.

Business Development Projects:

MCK has a vision to construct modest affordable apartments. We have already acquired some land and are preparing to build. A team of builders can be involved in this.

Experience Uganda:

If you would like to be involved with us, it would be our privilege to reserve you a hotel and organize your transportation. After all the work is done, if any individual or team would like to do a safari, MCK can organize a safari for them.

Bless a Life:

You can change a life by pledging sponsorship.
For $100 you can meet the needs of community worker at MCK
For $36 a month you can sponsor the education and welfare of a child at Miracle Destiny School
For $100 a month you can pay the salary of a teacher at MDS
For $75 you can pay the salary of a caretaker at MDS.

Tell A Friend:

We here at Miracle Centre Kawempe are very excited about what God is doing in our midst and are very expectant of the great things He is about to do . Tell a friend about it. We appreciate that!

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