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Emmanuel’s story

Emmanuel is a wonder! His mom was a woman in despair! She had been widowed and left with no source of income at all. She did all sorts of odd jobs to ensure that she put food on the table for her children. With the daily survival struggle she gave up on ever sending Emmanuel to school. The challenge was compounded by the fact that Emmanuel was born with HIV. From a friend, she found out about MDS and the support offered to children to study.

She came to the office and after careful evaluation, Emmanuel was enrolled at MDS. This brought great joy to his mum. Initially he was very weak physically because of poor nutrition at home. He wouldn’t even go out to play during break time. He just sat at his table all through school.

With time, owing to the school diet and to the school policy to provide extra nutrition to children living with HIV not only is he excelling in class, Emmanuel is so full of fun!

The names of these children have been changed to preserve their privacy.

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