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Peter and Mary’s story

Peter and Mary (9 years) were siblings. Their father died of HIV leaving them with a mother who wasn’t working. Owing to this, Peter, who was the older of the two children was born with HIV. The family lives in a mud and wattle room which costs $10 a month. At the first meeting, their mother looked like a grandmother due to the stress of the living conditions, and having  school age children who couldn’t go to school due to lack of money.

She looked so hopeless and frail. The mother worked in a factory, doing menial work for which she was paid $1 for 8 hours of work a day. Both children started coming to Miracle Destiny School in 2008, so from then on, the mother didn’t have to worry about the children’s education. Her outlook on life started changing and she became jovial.

In 2011 Peter succumbed to HIV. This was a harrowing time both for the family and for MDS.

With support from MDS, Mary and her mother have slowly moved on after Peter’s death. The mum runs a small roadside kiosk with which. Mary is an excellent student and has steadily built relationships with other children.

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