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Church Planting and Other Ministries

Church Planting

Our vision is to plant 500 churches.

Luwero is 1 hour away from Kawempe, to the north of the country. In June 2011, we mothered a church in the city of Luwero. We started out with a free-community medical outreach during the day and open-air gospel crusades during the evening, for 3 days prior to the opening service. This service was filled to capacity. We were joined for this event by teams from Grace Church(USA) and Community Church Derby(UK). The campus pastor, Robert Ogweng was prayed for and commissioned in that service.

This church is now maturing and reaching the community of Luwero with God’s love in action.

The church had its own land, chairs, sound and music equipment from inception!! All praise to God who made it possible.

Iganga is 21/2 hours away from Kampala to the East of the country. In July 2012, MCK mothered another church in the city of Iganga. Prior to the opening service, we had 3 days and evenings of free medical outreaches and open air gospel crusades respectively. The church in Kawempe sent us with clothes and shoes, which we distributed freely to the people who came for medical treatment. The people were so overjoyed. The first service was filled to capacity, which was over 350 people in attendance, including the district leadership! We also  shared a meal with all people who came for the first service.

We were so blessed to have bought the land on which this church sits, had sound/music equipment and chairs at inception! All glory to God!!

This church has grown and has planted over 25 churches! All glory to God!

Church planting seminars

Since 2012, we have been privileged to organize and host church planting seminars in conjunction with Northland Church-USA. These seminars have been held in all four regions of Uganda and because of this we have now built a network of pastors in all these regions who have invested their hearts into planting churches as a permanent witness for Jesus Christ in the communities. In 8 seminars Over 400 pastors have been trained, armed with study bibles and reading resources.

Wisdom for Success:

For 3 years, between 2008 and 2011, we carried out wisdom for success classes in which the people in our community were mentored in business, at work and in life; this combined with spiritual intergrity. Speakers were successful business people, pastors and our very own, Pastor, Robert Nabulere. The foundation of these classes was Proverbs 4:7 which says wisdom is the principle thing, in all your getting get wisdom, buy wisdom and sell it not.

These classes used to happen every Thursday night, between 7.30pm and 10.00pm-we always had a cup of tea and snacks.

Teaching wisdom for success continues in different settings. Recently we have hosted a business seminar, at which people from different walks of life attended. Speakers were seasoned business people from the Brooklyn Tabernacle, NewYork, USA. Teachings are available on CD

TV/Radio Ministry:

Prior to planting the church in Luwero, we had a radio Ministry titled Miracle Moment Program, every Friday between 1:30-2:00pm, in Nakaseke District in Kiwoko town, people called in from all over the Country for prayers in response to the message preached. Through the program many people have testimonies of what God has done in their lives. Ida, 22 years was listening in, and she on and off madness.

She listened in on the message, later she called in saying her family was often chaining her and that she often saw pictures in the air, she was prayed for, today she’s fully recovered and is a children’s minister at a her church.

We now have the Miracle Success program on TV in our community. This is a live program, through which the pastor ministers and interacts with the viewers through telephone calls for prayer.

Hosting Short Mission Trips:

As a Church we have hosted many short time mission trips, with teams of 1, 2, 3, 7,20,50
We are a church that believes in networking with different organizations within Uganda, Africa and across continents.Individuals and organizations who are interested in short term mission trips in Uganda, we will gladly be able to host you and make you comfortable. We can organize for you a safari and avail ministry opportunities, in schools, hospitals or within the community.

Business Development Projects:

  • We as a ministry realise that we need to secure the future. We are therefore looking to invest in projects that can create sustainability for Miracle Centre Kawempe. We plan to buy land for farming and grow trees which will mature within 15 years so we will be able to sell the timber and have income as a ministry.
  • We bought land in the church neighborhood and plan to build apartments – Miracle Apartments which will be rented out to generate income for the ministry.
  • We plan to have income generating projects which generate day to day income like making necklaces, value addition on food stuffs.
  • Land for Miracle Clinic International was bought and the ground was graded. We are trusting God to set up a clinic as a ministry which will reach and serve our community but also generate and income for the Ministry.
  • Miracle Centre Kawempe has been blessed with international guests from time to time. We have often found residence for them at a nearby hotel. We however, would like to venture into establishment of a guest house, which can have a conducive and custom-made environment for our guests, while at the same time contributing to the income of the ministry. We have staff trained as caterers and housekeepers. This is an opportunity for partnership, we invite interested people to join hands with us.

The Wisdom for Success service is key in encouraging and sharing business ideas so that people can learn the right business principles. The key to future ministry in Africa may not be in dependence on Aid but sustainable business initiatives that generate income and exploit the untapped resources and potential that God has endowed the continent with.

Child Sponsorhip

The need is enormous; there are so many children that need sponsorship inorder to stay in school, for clothing and Medicare. In Miracle Destiny School, 30% of the students are sponsored. This has made a great difference in the lives of these children who would otherwise not be in school, whose future would be very bleak. We invite people who would like to be involved in sponsorship of children to join hands with us.

Pastor Robert believes that giving an opportunity of education to any child is one sure way to break the poverty cycle. He is a living example, having benefitted from a childcare organization at the time of great need.

Christmas parties:

Every end of year, MCK hosts the children of Kawempe to a Christmas party at which we serve food, drinks, and cake. We also have music and games. Usually over 500 children attend our Christmas parties. We are glad to serve the little children knowing in doing so we are serving Jesus.

International Trips:

Pastor Robert and Rose have travelled as a team internationally to share their passion for God and the vision God has given them. Depending on the work, Rose sometimes has to stay home. Many people in the UK and USA have been blessed, stirred up and challenged to live more passionately.

The trips have always been opportunities for learning, exposure to different ideas and concepts. We thank God for the strategic partnerships that God has given us across the world. We look forward to more networking opportunities with the body of Christ, individuals and other organization that want to serve and make peoples’ lives better. In case you would like to host Pastor Robert and the team, please contact us.

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