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Soccer Program
So many soccer matches both international and local are played almost every week and aired mainly via DSTv. In our community not so many people can afford a TV set let alone DSTv, so soccer lovers including Christians always look out for places to watch matches and the only places they can find are bars and at a fee.

As a Church we showed most of the soccer matches on weekends purposely to provide a safe place for Christians in the community to watch the matches and also invite non- believers to the Church.
We also have a soccer team and net ball team, at different occasions they have gone out to compete with other teams, which are always followed with so much fun and fellowship.

It is always such a thrilling sight to behold, the youth and men; many of whom are not believers yet, join in the praise and worship during the 15 min break from the games. God is doing a great work in the lives of many of these people in our community.

In September 2013, we officially launched, a sports ministry which has expanded into other games, including Chess, basketball. These games happen every Saturday and Sunday evening. Some of the youth have attended training camps organized by sports outreach ministries.

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