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We Care

MCK Donates Laptops

Moved with compassion for prison inmates, Pastor Robert communicated to the Men at MCK, the outcome of this is a ministry to the police which started in September 2010.

The first We Care mission was a huge success. Pastor Robert was invited by the District Police Commander to speak to police officers who were at parade that morning. He expressed appreciation for their service towards our nation and challenged them to accept the Love of God.

Later he was given a chance to talk to the inmates, giving them hope for the future. The men then served a very good breakfast to both officers and inmates, what a wonderful privilege!

For a year, the men of MCK prepared and carried breakfast to the police station to be served to both officers and inmates, every Monday morning. On average breakfast was served to 190 people every week. Each time it has been possible to share God’s love with the inmates. On many occasions Pastor Robert has had an opportunity to speak at the officers parades.

The District Police Commander often encouraged officers to come to MCK for service and  some officers are requesting for a Sunday service at the station. Over the year, a team of men from MCK go to the police station every Monday to encourage both officers and inmates. Through this ministry, MCK has been privileged to build a kitchen for the police. Initially their food was prepared in an open space and when it rained they had very late meals.

We have also been privileged to donate bibles, laptop computers, flashlights.
We as a church applaud the work done by our police department in keeping law and order. We therefore take it as a great opportunity to be able to serve them.

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